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The Chess Suite is a package of programs that includes some special features that you probably won't find anywhere else, as well as a number of tools that make the suite more self-contained. The special features are thematically spread, but they have one thing in common: They deal with mass data. Not one position, not one game, not one PGN file, but always lots of them!


The Chess Suite supports UCI engines, ECO codes, Chess960 and as already mentioned PGN as game format. A brief description of the general features (and a lot of pictures!) can be found under the menu Release 2022 and its submenus. And for even more recent developments please visit the menu News.


How to get the suite is described under Contact. You can also suggest new features, both large and small. For example, last year a chessfriend asked for a PGN tool for Shatranj, and I build it (*).


The tools of the Chess Suite were originally written just for myself and I am definitely the most frequent user. Therefore the documentation is still rather incomplete. For example, the description of all key shortcuts is missing. The same applies to color highlighting on the chessboard and in particular to extensive search functions, for example in the text field for quick search that appears in several tools. I promise to document any requested parts in more detail.


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 (*) It is a stand-alone tool and not part of the Chess Suite.



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